“Unethical Marketing” | Radiate Greatness Naturally | Pragmatic Leadership Principles from the Bible

We are now so accustomed to “unethical” marketing that we do not bother about it at all. It has instead become the norm. Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

1. Emanate greatness

In a world of unethical marketing and dubious practices to capture fame, it is imperative to adopt Cornelius’ model of greatness. We should continue being the great we are, abounding in every good work, as Paul mentions in his letter to the Corinthians.

2. Discover and honor greatness

Another key attribute of a great leader is to identify and honor greatness. Especially in today’s world, where our attention primarily gets driven towards well-marketed fabricated greatness, a leader should be able to identify those pearls concealed beneath the ocean floor. A leader should be capable of distinguishing real excellence from the forged ones. This is covered in detail in the chapter on Honor quality vs. quantity.



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