Leaders, always seek the lost sheep

Leaders, always seek the lost sheep. Photo by Arnie Chou from Pexels

1. Valuing those who need help

There is a widespread phenomenon in our world today. Though technological advancements have made our life easier, they have caused more damage to our personal lives and character. The number of cases of anxiety, depression, and suicide is on the rise. It appears as though everyone has two lives — one that is portrayed as normal and chirpy in the presence of others and the other dark side, which is obscure and secluded.

“A leader is part of the team and not above the team”

In the parable of the lost sheep, Jesus emphasizes the fact that among his flock, there were 99 well-placed, safe and secured sheep, but one chose to go out of the confines of safety for reasons unknown. The shepherd keeps his flock together because the wild animals normally target and pounce on those that are alone and scared. They cannot infiltrate a group of sheep since there would be much resistance. The leader knew the lost sheep needed the most help and went after that, even if it meant 99 had to be left behind without a leader.

2. Non-discriminating care

The Bible deals with two categories of people; those that love God and those that go against. In the old testament, it is the Israelites against everybody else, while in the new testament, it is about Jews against the gentiles. It is a common misconception that the Bible supports one side of the people and abhors the other.

“In the eyes of the shepherd, one sheep is as good as the 99”

3. Getting lost is human

From the shepherd’s perspective, it is common for the sheep to lose focus and sidetrack. It may be intentional or accidental. If you have ever noticed sheep graze, their heads are fixated on the grass, and their only focus is feeding on as much as possible. There is a likelihood they do not glance around and go out of their safety net as a result. The shepherd is cognizant of that. He regularly counts the sheep to make sure all sheep are within the safe zone.



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