End-time Prophets. Should we believe them?

Christ himself declared that “No one except the Father knows the day of His return”

Matthew 24:36 — But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Look at the historical evidence for the accuracy

Machine learning and Data science — as complex and intricate they sound — in layman terms, they are scientific methods to draw insights based on historical data. The algorithms look for patterns in data to arrive at a particular conclusion. For example, if a grocery store planning team feeds 10 years of data of customers buying turkeys during Thanksgiving and then ask the algorithm to suggest the number of turkeys to order for the coming year, the algorithm would scan for patterns, apply scientific equations and finally output a number, which may not be accurate but will be an approximate number that the grocery store can bank upon. Now if you feed the historical data of end-time prophesies, I am sure the algorithm would output a 0 because all of the prophecies so far have failed. All of them! Why? Because the world has not ended as prophesied and Christ has not returned yet.

The human psychology of fear of things they do not have control over

Humans are strong and weak at the same time. We display strength on things we are confident about and easily get anxious about things we do not have control over. For example, if you ask someone to eat a plate full of food in front of them, they do it without any problem. Why? Because eating is a habit we have excelled all our lives. But image bungee jumping? Unless you are trained or a serious adventurer with gushing adrenaline, it will give you the chills. Why? Because falling down a cliff and hanging uncontrollably on air is not what we have been used to. If flying could cause anxiety, imagine things like death, after-life, etc.

Verify facts before believing and spreading

We have the gift of the word of God in our hands. Its translated in every known language and written in easy to understand language. What is keeping us from validating it on the word of God? If your Pastor, TV Evangelist, Prophet, Youtube prophet or some random Bible commentator, preach something — you always have the option to go back to your Bible and verify the facts. If you are still unclear, you have the gift of the internet. There is enough stuff online to compare and contrast your thoughts. Still unconvinced, pray and ask God for clarity.

Stop listening to fearmongers

These are people who intentionally hide facts and unnecessarily exaggerate things to eventually make you scared. Yes, I am talking about these end-time prophets who claim to be voicing the will of God.

Be genuine and prepared

In one of the organizations where I headed a team, one day I took the entire team for a lunch. While we were having lunch, my boss, who never calls me on the phone, by the way, called me to inform me that one of the VPs wanted to visit the team and talk about the product we were developing then. He also said the VP has given a slot later in the evening around 4 PM. I told him it’s just 1 PM and why the hurry for which he said, he just wanted to give me advance notice so that we are prepared like making things work if they are broken. While I appreciated his forethought I told him that we are prepared to present even if the VP wants to visit us by 2. There is nothing out of order — like things not working, messy desks, etc that we need to quickly fix before we welcome our guests.



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